Leaf spectra of 36 species growing in Rosa rugosa invaded coastal grassland communities in Belgium

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Author Helsen K., Van Cleemput E., Bassi L., Somers B., Honnay O.
Maintainer Kenny Helsen
Last Updated November 5, 2020, 20:09 (UTC)
Created January 27, 2020, 16:56 (UTC)
Acquisition Method Contact
Citation Helsen K., Van Cleemput E., Bassi L., Somers B. and Honnay O.. 2020. Leaf spectra of 36 species growing in Rosa rugosa invaded coastal grassland communities in Belgium. Data set. Available on-line [http://ecosis.org] from the Ecological Spectral Information System (EcoSIS). doi:10.21232/9nr6-sq54
EcoSIS DOI doi:10.21232/9nr6-sq54
EcoSIS DOI Status {"applied": "2020-05-13T13:37:00.952920", "value": "Applied"}
Ecosystem Type Coastal, Grassland
Foreoptic Type Leaf Clip
Funding Source Flemish Fund for Scientific Research (FWO)
Funding Source Grant Number 1202817N
Instrument Manufacturer spectra vista corporation
Instrument Model hr-1024tm
Light Source Lamp
LinkedData [{"url": " https://doi.org/10.1111/1365-2745.13389", "label": "Helsen, K., Van Cleemput, E., Bassi, L., Somers, B., Honnay, O. (2020). Optical traits perform equally well as traditional functional traits in explaining the impact of an invasive plant on litter decomposition. Journal of Ecology. 108: 2000\u20132011"}]
Location Name Belgian North Sea Coast
Measurement Quantity Reflectance
Measurement Units %
Measurement Venue Laboratory
NASA GCMD Keywords [{"label":"earth science > biosphere > ecological dynamics > community dynamics > invasive species","value":"7bfdbe8d-3945-4678-a90b-d2251f973955"},{"label":"earth science > biosphere > ecosystems > terrestrial ecosystems > grasslands","value":"142ea0c1-b77f-44da-8c64-ac7ee13fd5f6"},{"label":"earth science > spectral/engineering","value":"83150c54-5da8-4ee8-9579-19b95a8dc10c"}]
Processing Averaged Yes
Processing Information Details 2 leaf spectra per id. Sensor overlap matched
Processing Interpolated Yes
Processing Resampled No
Target Status Fresh, Green
Target Type Leaf
Theme Ecology, Biochemistry
Wavelength Units nm
Year 2020
aliases {"Leaf magnesium content per leaf area":"Leaf Mg","Leaf nitrogen content per leaf area":"Leaf N","Plant height vegetative":"Plant height","Leaf potassium content per leaf area":"Leaf K","Leaf calcium content per leaf area":"Leaf Ca","Leaf phosphorus content per leaf area":"Leaf P","Leaf mass per area":"LMA","Latin Species":"species"}
geojson {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[2.5869369506835938,51.08109643660297],[2.5869369506835938,51.394064665922045],[3.3504867553710938,51.394064665922045],[3.3504867553710938,51.08109643660297],[2.5869369506835938,51.08109643660297]]]}
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