Leaf spectra Cedar Creek Biodiversity Experiment

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Author Anna K. Schweiger
Maintainer Anna K. Schweiger
Last Updated June 19, 2020, 13:51 (UTC)
Created August 24, 2016, 17:48 (UTC)
Acquisition Method Contact
Citation Anna K. Schweiger. 2015. Leaf spectra Cedar Creek Biodiversity Experiment. Data set. Available on-line [http://ecosis.org] from the Ecological Spectral Information System (EcoSIS). 10.21232/hCtqmGdo
EcoSIS DOI 10.21232/hCtqmGdo
EcoSIS DOI Status {"applied": "2020-06-19T13:51:42.463446", "value": "Applied"}
Ecosystem Type Grassland
Foreoptic Type Leaf Clip
Funding Source NSF, NASA
Funding Source Grant Number NSF 1342872
Instrument Manufacturer Spectra Vista Corporation
Instrument Model HR-1024i
Instrument Serial Number HI: 1152050
Light Source Lamp
LinkedData [{"url": "https://doi.org/10.1016/j.rse.2018.11.016", "label": "Wang, Z., Townsend, P.A., Schweiger, A.K. et al. Mapping foliar functional traits and their uncertainties across three years in a grassland experiment. Remote Sensing of Environment, Volume 221, 2019, Pages 405-416"}, {"url": "https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.04.24.060483 ", "label": "Schweiger A.K., Cavender-Bares J., Townsend P.A., Hobbie S.E., Madritch M.D., Kothari S., Grossman J.J., Gholizadeh H., Wang R., Gamon J.A. 2020. Spectral niches reveal taxonomic identity and complementarity in plant communities"}, {"url": "https://CRAN.R-project.org/package=spectrolab", "label": "Meireles J.E., Schweiger A.K., Cavender-Bares J. 2017 spectrolab: Class and Methods for Hyperspectral Data. R package version 0.0.2."}]
Location Name East Bethel, MN
Measurement Quantity Reflectance
Measurement Units %
Measurement Venue Outdoor
NASA GCMD Keywords [{"label":"earth science > biosphere > ecosystems > terrestrial ecosystems > grasslands > savanna","value":"d58dab07-f57e-47a9-8dcf-02a3e17f3533"},{"label":"earth science > biosphere > vegetation > leaf characteristics","value":"bca1b724-3370-4a26-bcbc-3530ce4ddc97"}]
Processing Averaged No
Processing Information Details resampled to 1 nm spectral resolution, sensor overlap adjusted
Processing Interpolated Yes
Processing Resampled Yes
Sample Platform handheld
Target Status Fresh
Target Type Leaf
Theme Ecology
Wavelength Units nm
Year 2015
aliases {"Measurement Units":"%","Wavelength Units":"nm","Author":"Anna K. Schweiger","Funding Source Grant Number":"NSF 1342872","Latin Species":"species","Latin Genus":"genus","Location Name":"Cedar Creek, MN","Theme":"Ecology","Latitude":"45.402950","Maintainer Email":"anna.k.schweiger@gmail.com","Funding Source":"NSF, NASA","Processing Interpolated":"Yes","Instrument Serial Number":"HI: 1152050","Measurement Venue":"Outdoor","Foreoptic Type":"Leaf clip","Ecosystem Type":"Grassland","Vegetation Type":"grassland","Instrument Model":"HR-1024i","Processing Averaged":"No","Instrument Manufacturer":"Spectra Vista Corporation","Longitude":"-93.189463","Author Email":"anna.k.schweiger@gmail.com","Sample Platform":"Handheld","Index Name":"ident","Maintainer":"Anna K. Schweiger","Acquisition Method":"Contact","Processing Information Details":"resampled to 1 nm spectral resolution, sensor overlap adjusted","NASA GCMD Keywords":"Earth Science > Biosphere > Vegetation > Leaf characteristics, Earth Science > Biosphere > Ecosystem > Terrestrial Ecosystem > Grassland > Savanna","Target Status":"Fresh","Processing Resampled":"Yes","Year":"2015","Keywords":"prairie, leaf-level, experiment, minnesota","Target Type":"Leaf","Phenological Status":"Peak biomass","Light Source":"Leaf clip lamp"}
geojson {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[-93.20112258195877,45.40215633263292],[-93.20112258195877,45.39745554665518],[-93.1915095448494,45.39745554665518],[-93.1915095448494,45.40215633263292],[-93.20112258195877,45.40215633263292]]]}
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