Canopy spectra of individual herbaceous species measured on black table

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Author Van Cleemput E., Helsen K., Feilhauer H., Honnay H., Somers B.
Maintainer Ben Somers
Last Updated November 5, 2020, 20:04 (UTC)
Created May 6, 2020, 19:07 (UTC)
Acquisition Method Proximal
Citation Van Cleemput E., Helsen K., Feilhauer H., Honnay H. and Somers B.. 2020. Canopy spectra of individual herbaceous species measured on black table. Data set. Available on-line [] from the Ecological Spectral Information System (EcoSIS). doi:10.21232/ss03-g783
EcoSIS DOI doi:10.21232/ss03-g783
EcoSIS DOI Status {"applied": "2020-05-13T13:30:12.971198", "value": "Applied"}
Ecosystem Type Grassland
Foreoptic Field of View 25°
Foreoptic Type Bare Fiber
Funding Source belgian science policy office
Funding Source Grant Number sr/01/321 and SR/01/391
Instrument Manufacturer Analytical Spectral Devices Inc.; Spectra Vista Corporation
Instrument Model ASD FieldSpec® 3; SVC HR-1024TM
Light Source Sun
LinkedData [{"url": "", "label": "Van Cleemput, E., Roberts, D.A., Honnay, O., Somers, B. (2019). A novel procedure for measuring functional traits of herbaceous species through field spectroscopy. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. 10: 1332-1338"}, {"url": "", "label": "Van Cleemput, E., Van Meerbeek, K., Helsen, K., Honnay, O., Somers, B. (2020). Remotely sensed plant traits can provide insights into ecosystem impacts of plant invasions: a case study covering two functionally different invaders. Biological Invasions. 22: 3533\u20133550"}, {"url": "", "label": "Van Cleemput, E., Helsen, K., Feilhauer, H., Honnay, O., Somers, B. (2021). Spectrally defined plant functional types adequately capture multidimensional trait variation in herbaceous communities. Ecological Indicators. 120: 106970"}]
Measurement Quantity Reflectance
Measurement Units %
Measurement Venue Outdoor
NASA GCMD Keywords [{"label":"earth science > biosphere > ecosystems > terrestrial ecosystems > grasslands","value":"142ea0c1-b77f-44da-8c64-ac7ee13fd5f6"},{"label":"earth science > biosphere > vegetation > canopy characteristics","value":"abbba948-9b77-4e19-a855-49a7fbc17696"},{"label":"earth science > biosphere > vegetation > leaf characteristics","value":"bca1b724-3370-4a26-bcbc-3530ce4ddc97"},{"label":"earth science > spectral/engineering","value":"83150c54-5da8-4ee8-9579-19b95a8dc10c"}]
Processing Averaged Yes
Processing Information Details each signature = average of ca. 5 bouquet measurements, which in turn = average of ca. 3 replicate measurements. Spectral signature of each bouquet was unmixed: removal of black table contribution to measurement.
Processing Interpolated No
Processing Resampled No
Sample Platform handheld
Target Status Fresh, Green
Target Type Canopy
Theme Ecology, Biochemistry
Wavelength Units nm
Year 2020
aliases {"Instrument Manufacturer":"Sensor","Latitude":"Latitude","Longitude":"Longitude","Latin Species":"Speciescode","Location Name":"Site","Measurement Date":"Sampling date","Plant height vegetative":"Vegetative height","Specific leaf area":"SLA","Leaf magnesium content per leaf dry mass":"Magnesium","Leaf nitrogen content per leaf dry mass":"Nitrogen","Leaf calcium content per leaf dry mass":"Calcium","Leaf dry matter content":"LDMC"}
resourceUpdateCount 20
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