Canopy spectra of boreal tree species from Alberta potted tree experiment

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Author Ran Wang, Kyle R. Springer, John A. Gamon
Maintainer Ran Wang
Last Updated July 20, 2023, 20:31 (UTC)
Created April 19, 2023, 02:35 (UTC)
Acquisition Method Proximal
Citation Ran Wang, Kyle R. Springer and John A. Gamon. 2016. Canopy spectra of boreal tree species from Alberta potted tree experiment. Data set. Available on-line [] from the Ecological Spectral Information System (EcoSIS). 10.21232/aY2V7zCr
EcoSIS DOI 10.21232/aY2V7zCr
EcoSIS DOI Status {"value": "Applied", "applied": "2023-07-20T20:31:00.218181"}
Ecosystem Type Forest
Foreoptic Field of View 20 degree
Foreoptic Type Foreoptic
Funding Source NSERC (2015), NASA ABoVE (2014), NSF (2019)
Funding Source Grant Number NSERC (RGPIN-2015-05129); NASA ABoVE (NNX15AT78A); NSF Macrosystems Biology (award 1926090)
Instrument Manufacturer PP System
Instrument Model Unispec DC
Light Source Sun
Light Source Specifications Sun
LinkedData [{"label":"Parallel Seasonal Patterns of Photosynthesis, Fluorescence, and Reflectance Indices in Boreal Trees","url":"10.3390/rs9070691"}]
Measurement Quantity Reflectance
Measurement Units %
Measurement Venue Outdoor
NASA GCMD Keywords [{"label":"earth science > biosphere > ecosystems > terrestrial ecosystems > forests > boreal forest/tiaga","value":"cafa8131-4a2d-4c8b-811c-0d64adf5fc06"},{"label":"earth science > land surface > surface radiative properties > reflectance","value":"f043c0a8-9cee-4c51-bf64-a4aaa34ab75d"}]
Processing Averaged No
Processing Information Details The spectrometer has a nominal spectral range from 350 to 1100 nm with 2-3 nm band-to-band spacing, and 10 nm full width at half maximum (FWHM), and a linear interpolation was used to estimate reflectance at 1-nm intervals.
Processing Interpolated Yes
Processing Resampled Yes
Sample Platform handheld
Target Status Live
Target Type Canopy
Theme Forest, Phenology, Physiology
Wavelength Units nm
Year 2016
aliases {"Latin Genus":"Genus","Latin Species":"Species","Latitude":"Latitude","Longitude":"Longitude"}
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